Dental Ex-probe, Autoclavable Silicone Handle, XP23-11.5B

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Dental Ex-probe, Silicone Handle, XP23-11.5B
Dental Ex-probe, Ergonomic and Autoclavable Silicone Handle Instrument, XP23-11.5B. This Ex-Probe is an excellent instrument for dental diagnostics. It has an explorer tip (EXS 23) on one end and a Ball-End probe tip (CP 11.5B) on the other. The ball end probe tip has marking 3.5, 5.5, 8.5, 11.5 mm. Ball-End probe increases tactile sensitivity and gives a more accurate picture of gingival pocket depth. Also, it does not damage the tissue. The black coding marks are permanent and stays in place even after sterilization.

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