Rubber Dam MED 6 x 6 IN Green, Mint Scent, 36/Bx, DA618GM

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Rubber Dam MED 6 x 6 IN Green, Mint Scent, 36/Bx, DA618GM
Osung rubber dam confers the best possible isolation. The idea of rubber dam was initially introduced in the year 1864 by S C Barnum, a scientist. The dental instrument can be used to define the operating field by isolating more teeth from oral environment. The rubber dam by Osung can be used to prevent pulpal contamination from oral fluids when excavating deep carious lesions. The rubber dam helps in eliminating the saliva from the operating site and retracting the soft tissue.
Osung is a global leader in dental instrument manufacturing. The brands motto is to help dental professionals perform at their best. Osung believes that better dentistry starts with them - and they take that responsibility very seriously.

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