Rubber Dam HEAVY 6 x 6 IN Green, Mint Scent, 36/Bx, DA622GM

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Rubber Dam HEAVY 6 x 6 IN Green, Mint Scent, 36/Bx, DA622GM
The dental dam from Osung is a protective device ideal for specialists and dentists. The dental dam has a mint scent. Dental dam is used during endodontic procedure to create a secure operating environment. The Osung dental dam keeps the treated area free of saliva and dry, especially when placing a filling, so that the adhesive can bond perfectly, making the filling more durable. Osung tool prevents the treated area from being exposed to bio burden in your saliva. Also, the instrument safeguards your gums and tongue from irritation. Another advantage is the tool preventing the possibility of any materials or chemicals falling into your mouth that have the danger of getting ingested during treatment.
A forerunner in dental instrument manufacturing, Osungs objective is to help dental professionals perform at their best. Osung believes that better dentistry starts with them - and they take that responsibility very seriously.

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