Elevator, Plastic handle, 3EL81

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Elevator, Plastic handle, 3EL81
The elevator by Osung is used to loosen the tooth from the periodontal ligament, thereby easing the process of extraction. Osung elevators can be used to remove the entire row of tooth, evict broken-off apical line. Also, the elevator can be used to remove the apical portion of the root. Prior to using the extracting elevator, this 3EL81 can be used to work on the mucoperiosteum. The working end of the dental tool has sharp blades that can be used to cut periodontal ligaments and loosen the tissue from bone. The shank can be positioned in order to access specific areas in the buccal cavity.
Osung is a forerunner in supplying effective diagnostic and surgical dental supplies like elevators and luxating elevators. Trust the dental brand for preventative and surgical dental instruments that meet global standards.

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