Crown Remover, Plastic handle, 3RECDA

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Crown Remover, Plastic handle, 3RECDA
Osung 3RECDA Crown Remover is proficiently built with five etching points to reach crown from various sides. Medical equipment is produced with medical grade metal that delivers maximized tool life and increased instrument investment. Durable equipment features single working end with a sharp tip. Medical instrument is crafted from top quality light weight material that reduces hand and wrist stress. Dental tool is competently constructed to provide ideal performance. Prosthodontic Tool is resourcefully designed for eliminating tiresome crowns smoothly. Medical tool is made with effective plastic grip to provide exceptional handling and tactile feel to the fingers.

Osung delivers a large variety of instruments that are produced in ISO competent factories with necessary GMP standards. All dental tools follow international guidelines and made with the aim to provide maximum efficiency during medical procedures.

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