OK® Sterilization Chemical Indicator Strip Steam 4 Inch, MCK-830156_BX

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OK® Sterilization Chemical Indicator Strip: OK® Sterilization Chemical Indicator Strip ,MCK-830156_BX
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INDICATOR, STEAM STRIP 4" (250/BX) ,OK® Sterilization Chemical Indicator Strip Steam 4 Inch ,
  • OK® Strips are indicators that monitor all critical sterilization parameters: steam, time, and temperature
  • In sterilization cycles OK® Strips guard against incomplete steam penetration, presence of noncondensing gases or excessive air, as well as from inadequate temperature or insufficient exposure time
  • The pre-printed standard reference color permits rapid and certain visualization of the results
  • If the sterilization conditions meet requirements, the arrow and the K will change to become at least as dark as the reference color O forming the OK expression

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