Light wire plier, OPWB02

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Light wire plier, OPWB02
Osung presents light wire plier featuring longer and gradually tapered beaks than bird beak plier. Light round wires can wire up to 0.020mm. Longer beaks make it easier to bend smaller diameter loops. The tips of the dental instrument feature superior precision. The tips are cone shaped and pyramidical. The tips ensure longer lifetime and better grip of wire. The beak is precision ground at the tip and can be subject to sterilization techniques like autoclave.
Osung caters to the entire niche of dental clinical settings, including latest equipment, disposable items and standards tools. We provide an interesting mix of dental supplies, including instruments that are standard in clinical settings and solutions that are unique to every practice.
Design: the dental plier has longer and gradually tapered beaks than bird beak plier Construction: the tool is crafted from high quality medical grade stainless steel, so that it is durable Sterilization: made from quality material, the wire plier can be subjected to autoclave chambers and other sterilization methods Superior Quality: wire bend plier conforms to CE-quality mark, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and other quality standards Packaging: Osung provides dental instruments feature stringent packaging avoids dirt and grime from getting space inside

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