FORMALIN, 20ML (100/CS), SOLD AS 100/CASE EK 24499-100X20ML

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Formalin, 20Ml (100/Cs), Sold As 100/Case Ek 24499-100X20Ml

Formalin, 20Ml (100/Cs)

Formalin, 20Ml (100/Cs)

Prefilled Formalin Container 10 Ml Fill In 20 Ml (0.67 Oz.) Screw Cap Warning Label / Patient Information Nonsterile

Sku: 24499-100X20Ml

Mfgr: Ek Industries Inc


*** Alternative Item Codes For This Item: 1002261 ***

Out Of Stock. *** Alternative Item Codes For This Item: 1002261 *** We Have Many Other Similar Items. Contact Us Via Our Chat Feature For Assistance.

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