Endodontic Excavator, Plastic handle, 3EXC31L

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Endodontic Excavator, Plastic handle, 3EXC31L
Osung 3EXC31L Endodontic Excavator is purposefully designed to perform curettage process inside the tooth near pulp chamber. Medical instrument is constructed with Bio-dur quality stainless steel to increase apparatus life and investment. Dental equipment is competently built for eliminating dentine material deposits around the pulp cavity. Medical tool Comes with efficient plastic grip that delivers better handling and palpable feel. Dental instrument is fabricated to provide ideal performance. Durable equipment features dual working autoclavable ends. Endodontic instrument is made with high grade material that reduces hand and wrist stress. Tips of both ends measure 1.0 mm.

Many dental tools are available in the market but only few are built according to correct procedure. Osung creates its products with modern techniques and gives extra attention to each part of the tool.

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